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How to Sell Your Gold & Jewelry in Los Angeles

How To Buy or Sell Gold at Gold R Us LA

Sell gold to walk out with cash on the spot.  Our motto is ‘We Pay More’.  Want to know why??  Because WE PAY MORE than anyone else. Get top dollar value for any gold or jewelry that you have.

Buy gold from us whether straight gold bars or gold custom jewelry.  We can also broker any deal.  Maybe you want something but have questions and want to make sure you get the best deal.  Have an expert on your side.. get consult and make sure you get the best deal possible!

Buy & Sell Gold in Los Angeles

Tips on How to Sell your Gold & Jewelry.

First, try to sell your gold and gold jewelry when the gold rates are high.

Second, just let go of old jewelry you never wear.  It’s like clothes and spring cleaning.  You take the clothes you know that you will probably never wear again and just give them away to clear the clutter.  The only difference is clothes don’t actually have cash value (or bare minimum).  Your jewelry does.  Use the cash from that to make room for the new… new jewelry, new haircut, anything at all new.  The point is that hanging onto items that you never wear is as useless as keeping clothes around that you never actually wear either.

Third, come in to get a FREE Assessment.  Come into the store, anytime between Monday through Saturday from 10am – 7pm and get an assessment.

If you are unsure, get a quote and then decide.  If you decide to keep it at least you will learn something.

Gold R Us LA will buy in cash the following items:

Scrap gold
Broken gold
Gold rings
Gold necklaces
Gold bracelets
Gold broaches
Gold watches
Junk gold
Dental gold
Gold coins
Gold bars
Gold ingots
Gold jewelry
Gold and silver class rings
999 gold
Silver bars
Silver coins
Silver ingots
Silver necklaces
Silver bracelets
Silver rings
Silver belt buckles
Silver candlesticks
Sterling Silver
Coin Silver
Fine silver
Ultra fines silver
999 silver
Junk or broken silverware
Junk or broken silver candlesticks
Silver jewelry
DiamondsLoose diamonds
Diamond rings
Diamond earings
Diamond necklaces
Diamond pendants
Diamond broaches
Platinum coins
Platinum bars
Platinum ingots
Antique jewelry
Estate Jewelry
US Coins
World Coins
US paper money
US proof and mint sets
Laptop computers
Apple computers such as iMacs and Macbooks
iPods and mp3 players
iPhones and Droid phones
Digital point and shoot cameras
Digital SLR cameras
Fur coats
Flat screen LED TVs
Flat screen LCD TVs
Flat screen plasma TVs
Military collectibles
Authentic paintings and sculptures