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How to make extra money and cash for the Holidays in Los Angeles

Holidays.  A time where people scramble to buy gifts.  Stress over plans, and schedules, and holiday parties.  A time where many people can use extra cash for gift buying and everything else the holidays bring!

Yes many people during (and after) the holiday turmoil wonder how to make extra money and cash for the holidays in Los Angeles beyond the scope of their normal job and paycheck.  If people don’t receive bonuses for the holiday from the work they always need a little extra cash.  This is especially true for anyone who has to travel also.  And many people in LA are here chasing their dreams.  Los Angeles is known as the transient city.  Many people who live in LA aren’t from Los Angeles.  This is why around holidays, especially around Christmas, much of the city is gone and it’s the most quiet time of LA of the year!

For people who need travel and party money as well as just extra gift money, here is one way how to make extra money and cash for the holidays in Los Angeles.  Sell old jewelry for cash such as gold, silver, coins, watches, or diamond rings or necklaces.  Anything you no longer actually need or wear.

Get top dollar for your old jewelry, gold coins, diamond rings or bracelets.  Gold R Us LA pays more than any other store, literally it’s their motto!  You are always able to shop around and take your jewelry several places to get different quotes.  You will always find though that Gold R Us LA at 8308 Wilshire Blvd in Beverly Hills will pay you more than anywhere else.  So collect that old jewelry and gold, dust it off, and use it as one way on how to make extra money and cash for the holidays in Los Angeles.