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Where to Sell a Diamond Ring in Los Angeles

Why People Sell Their Diamonds

Many people hold onto old diamond rings from deceased family and old lovers whether engagements broken off or just former flings.  They often just store them away and forget about them.  They do wonder where to sell a diamond ring, but usually never follow through because they don’t know where to start.

Where to Sell Diamonds in Los Angeles

Where to sell a diamond ring is very important because it can mean the difference of 50 to hundreds of dollars.  You want to make sure to take it to someone reputable, not just any store that promises the largest payout.  Every store promises the largest payout.  However they all pay out difference amounts.  The sketchy stores will lowball a price more often than not, it’s what they do.  They are used to dealing with people in extremely desperate positions and therefore people who will sell for any amount without thinking twice.

Gold R Us LA is one of the few locations that services regular people, young and old, in a safe, open and friendly environment.  It doesn’t push sales and prices right away. An expert is actually on hand all the time to valuate gold, silver, diamonds, jewelry and any sort of precious metals including old coins.  You don’t want just any Joe telling you a price by eyeballing your diamond ring.  You want a professional to measure the value of the gold, the clarity, cut and other factors. These all determine the value of a diamond ring, and that price fluctuations with market variables.

When selling a diamond ring and determining where to sell a diamond ring you want to be sure a professional appraiser is available and on staff.  You want to bring make an appointment ahead of time and bring everything you want to know the value of at once.  Then you can make educated choices in where and how to sell your precious jewelry.