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Selling gold for cash in Los Angeles California

First of all know that selling gold for cash through the mail is the biggest ripoff possible.  You will get half to one fourth of what you would get if you sold it to a local store.  There have been stories from customers of getting under 20 dollars when they could have gotten 100 dollars.  You do the math!

When selling gold for cash in Los Angeles California you want to go to a reputable storefront.  Avoid sending your precious jewelry in the mail just to get pennies oto the dollar on what you would get from a local shop.  It’s easy to find the stores around you.  Just search CitySearch or yellow pages.  Or go to a gold party.  Or have a gold party yourself!

Throwing a gold party is an easy and fun way to make money.  You invite friends, neighbors, etc over and everyone brings their jewelry.  You talk about it, show it, and get a free valuation on the spot of what your jewelry is worth.  A professional is there with tools to valuate everyone’s jewelry.  When you find out what it’s worth and why then you sell it or don’t sell it.  It’s up to each person.  Altogether it’s fun.  And whoever throws the party makes commission if any jewelry is sold.  And whoever sells their jewelry makes money also.  Cash on the spot!  And that cash on the spot that can be used for other things!!

Los Angeles has many pawn shops but very few legitimate cash for gold stores.  Especially reputable ones in nice neighorhoods that are friendly, open, and feel safe and friendly. is not a pawn shop and doesn’t feel like one.  It’s simply a store that hosts cash for gold parties either in store or for anyone who decides to host their own cash for gold party.  Gold R Us LA is located in Beverly Hills California in a very known visible plaza right next to Coffee Bean.  It’s a perfect place to learn the value of your jewelry or learn more about gold parties!