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Beverly Hills Jewelry

Beverly Hills jewelry stores are among the best in the world.  Some are all handcrafted.  Some are know global names such as Harry Winston, Cartier, Tiffany’s and more.  Some are word of mouth artisan jewelers than create custom jewelry and make exquisite hand crafted fine jewelry.

When people want amazing jewelry, they will travel to Beverly Hills just to shop.  It’s worthwhile because that is where to find the most amazing clothing – quality and design in the world.  The best plastic surgeons.  The finest dining.  And of course, you have Beverly Hills jewelry.  All sorts, all types, all of the best known jeweler names, and all in Beverly Hills.

The affluent often buy jewelry for fun, to match certain outfits, for one time occasions, and more.  The don’t buy just a wedding ring once and never make another fine jewelry purchase again.  They buy often.

With buying often comes selling often.  Holding onto old jewelry is a waste, just like holding onto old clothes.  If people know they will never use or wear something again, it takes space and is a waste of resources beyond just space.

With couture or name brand clothes, often times personal assistants or people themselves will sell them to consignment shops.  They get about ¼ of the value back, but it’s better than getting nothing back.  If you never wear it, it’s worth nothing and is wasted space.

Selling jewelry for cash is the same exact thing as selling clothing to consignment stores.  You sell what you no longer wear and/or use.  You get cash back. Simple!  There is a new storefront in Beverly Hills on Wilshire and San Vicente by name of Gold R Us LA that will appraise and sell any type of jewelry on the spot, and even stands behind ‘we pay more’.  They pay more for jewelry than any other shop out there.