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Sell Jewelry & Get Cash For Gold in Los Angeles

If you’re wondering or have wondered in the past where to sell jewelry and get cash for gold in Beverly Hills Los Angeles the ultimate source is at Gold R Us LA at 8308 Wilshire Blvd Beverly Hills 90211.  It’s right in the plaza at the corner of San Vicente and Wilshire by the coffee bean.  There is ample and free parking and it’s easy to find.  It’s in a safe and happy plaza and area.

Gold R Us LA gives free evaluations on the spot and their motto is “We Pay More”.  They pay more than any other store that you can sell jewelry to than anyone else.  You get top dollar for any jewelry or items you sell.  It’s the highest paying cash for gold and cash for jewelry location in the US.

People travel from far to go to Gold R Us LA to sell jewelry for cash for get cash for gold coins or any sort of gold because it’s worth it.  When selling valuables such as diamonds, diamond rings, gold jewelry, silver jewelry and more, the most important thing is safety (such as being able to take it to a safe location) and getting as much money for your valuable items as possible.

Safety and getting the most money for your jewelry, diamonds and gold are the two most important things that are the deciding factors on whether to sell or continue hanging onto old jewelry.

Holding onto old jewelry that just collects dust and harnesses old and possibly bad memories doesn’t do any good either.  But when it is time to sell it’s important to do it correctly.  This is why people travel from all over to sell their jewelry to Gold R Us LA.  Hopefully this helped you learn more on where to sell jewelry and get cash for gold in Beverly Hills Los Angeles or wherever you may live.