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Getting Cash for Gold – Useful Tips

Jul 30, 2013   //   No Comments

Cash for gold is a very helpful facility for such individual who require immediate cash against their gold items. The prices of gold have astonishingly increased in last decade at a rate which makes investment in gold most profitable for the investors or people in general. The important aspects that one should keep in mind to get the best deal are mentioned in this blog. One should opt for a licensed gold dealer only to get best prices and fair dealing. It is seen sometimes that non licensed or illegal traders lure people to sell gold to them at higher prices but there are instances where individual get paid for lesser weight or other face similar problems. One can check the government website for the list of dealers before dealing.

Research the market thoroughly before finalizing the dealer for cash for gold deal. Sometimes people go by the big advertising of cash for gold offers but in reality the rates which that dealer is giving in not at all best in comparison to some other dealers in the same locality. Awareness is always bliss also negotiate as much. Sometimes it may land you into a fabulous deal altogether. Weight and Karat are two separate aspects to be considered while you ask for the cash for gold rates. Karat is basically the quality of gold i.e. 24 karat is the purest gold. The dealer should tell rates with the karat specifications. The weight scale also which the dealer is using to weigh your gold item should have a DCA seal on it. DCA seal will ensure the correctness in weight resulting in true prices for your cash for gold deal. Don’t forget to carry your ID as all genuine dealers will always ask for your ID before finalization of any gold deal. We at Goldrusla are committed to provide you most competitive rates for your gold items

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