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How to Get Best Gold Prices?

Jul 28, 2013   //   No Comments

Buying and selling of gold has been very common nowadays everyone wants best gold prices for their respective gold items. In fact for some it is a major source of income or profits, usually people who are in this trade have definite set of rules in order to save them from losses or frauds but for occasional sellers here are the set of tips to follow in order to get best gold prices for their respective gold item or jewellery.


Self assessment – self assessment of the gold item is very crucial before you plan to sell it for best gold prices. One should thoroughly analyze the gold item or jewellery on the parameters of karat and weight. The hallmark or the original purchase receipt (if any) can be very helpful. Also you may get its weight done on any nearby shop. It will give you an approximate idea of what to expect cost wise. Importantly sometimes the jewellery item like necklace or ear ring or bracelets contain certain precious and semi precious stones in it as an integral design component. So there may be chance that this may enhance the overall cost of the jewellery manifold and you may get best gold prices.


Deal Comparison – it is the basic rule of thumb that more you compare increases the chances of getting you the best gold prices among so many dealers. Sometimes a small store owner can give you better prices for your possession than a big firm or store having so many print and TV commercials all around. Most importantly don’t forget to negotiate, sometimes it works wonder. You may get a data base of stores on the internet itself or it is always better to go to a known store in your neighborhood.


We at Goldrusla thoroughly committed to get you the best gold prices for all your unwanted gold possessions. We buy all sorts of old or new gold items like necklaces, ear rings, bracelets, watches, bangles, gold tooth, spectacles etc.

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