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Sell Gold in Los Angeles

When To Sell Your Gold

If you are looking to sell your gold, Los Angeles is the place to be. With strict city regulations in place, only a few stores are allowed to conduct these transactions. Gold R Us is easily the first choice for anyone looking to get rid of old jewelry. We will happily conduct a free estimate and let you know what your piece is worth. Our business is known for offering the highest cash return on gold and precious metals. Come in today and get started on your consultation.

Gold Coins & Gold Jewelry

What Gold To Sell

Certain items will bring you a higher return when you choose to sell gold. However, in Los Angeles most people have more sellable items than they originally think. Gold R Us not only buys gold of all kinds, from scrap to coins, we also purchase all precious stones and metals. Maybe you have silver jewelry you are looking to get rid of? Or antique pieces that have no sentimental value to you? At Gold R Us we will look at each piece you bring in and calculate a price that you are sure to be pleased with. So, if you own jewelry you no longer wear, or possess coin collections, broken watches, or any other high-end products, make sure and use the right company to sell your gold.

Diamonds, Gold & Silver

Why Sell Your Gold

In order to sell your gold in Los Angeles, you need to keep a few things in mind. First, one of the main reasons that selling gold is difficult for some people is because the pieces they would be selling have a sentimental value. However, you have to realize that in an economy such as the one we are currently in; sometimes it makes more sense to be liquid. By having your assets in liquid form, like cash, you are better prepared to meet difficult times and act accordingly. Selling those items can make a world of difference in the current economy and help you down the road. If you have items you don’t use anymore, they may really help your budget.